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Top Hard Rock Concerts


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Headbangers of the world unite! We can all agree that seeing heavy metal concert live is one of the best things you can possibly do. That's because the love of metal music is taken to whole new level when you experience your favorite band live. There's an energy in the air at a heavy metal show that you get no where else.

When the bass drum pounds and the guitars hit the high notes, you can bang your head in ecstasy. Here at GoodDeedSeats, we get it. We love heavy metal too. And we love going to a live heart-pounding metal concert even more. We offer a large range of heavy metal concert tickets here.

Types of Heavy Metal Music

Alternative Metal
Nu Metal
Speed Metal
Groove Metal
Rap Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Neo Classical Metal
Symphonic Metal
Death Core
Funk Metal
Melodic Metalcore
Industrial Metal
Progressive Metal
Power Metal
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Glam Metal

The Difference Between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

Although there is a large overlap between heavyu metal and hard rock, they are different. Heavy metal is often denser and often uses classical scales. Hard rock often uses more blues scales.