Giving Back
We asked ourselves how we could be different than all the other event ticket companies out there. The answer was in giving back. We believe that sharing our profits with causes that we both really care about will make attending that game or concert all the more special. And it gives us meaning too. Learn more






Huge Inventory, Affordable Prices.
GoodDeedSeats always has a massive ticket inventory that offers you lots of choices for the best seats in your price range. And we make our prices as affordable as possible by keeping our company overhead low, passing on the savings to you.










Our 100% Buyer Guarantee.
Every order is protected by our 100% buyer guarantee which gives you complete peace of mind when purchasing here. Learn more






State-of-the-Art Technology
GoodDeedSeats uses nothing but the best technology. From our interactive seating maps with photo seat views to our fast and secure checkout system, we make your ease-of-use and security our top technological priorities.










Our Story


Hard-Earned Experience Made GoodDeedSeats

Way back in 2005 we began our journey on becoming ticket market experts, slowly but surely building knowledge and gaining experience that has culminated in

We've acquired hard-fought and extensive knowledge of college and professional sports, Broadway and theater, and live music and concert tours. And having gained experience working in the secondary ticket industry in the past, we are now in the position of knowing exactly what online consumers want and expect when buying tickets online.

How our Experience Directly Helps You

We know for instance that consumers want the best seating charts possible to help them choose where to sit. So our seating charts are state-of-the-art and many allow you to actually see real photo views of every seat. And they are interactive, meaning you can roll over a section with your mouse to immediately view its corresponding price.

We also realize that when you want to buy tickets to see your favorite band or sports team, you want to do it as quickly, easily and safely as possible.

So we've streamlined the entire ticket-buying experience for you. This means pages are uncluttered and easy to navigate. It means we don't bombard you with extraneous stuff to distract you from your main goal of procuring great tickets at the best price.

And it also means that our checkout process is easy, intuitive, secure and absolutely safe. Our entire website uses secure socket layer technology (SSL) to keep your personal information locked down tight at all times. (If you look at the top left of your browser right now, next to our URL in your browser's location bar, you'll notice a green padlock. That means our site and your information is secure from prying eyes.

We understand that many people's best memories include going to a live performance or game. We remember emerging from the concourse to view a professional baseball park's majestic field for the first time (in this case it was the Red Sox's Fenway Park).

We remember witnessing for the first time an arena's lights going down, fog machines and pyrotechnics firing up and the band taking the stage with a power chord to end all power chords (in this case it the band was Kiss).

Purchasing Experiences over Things Brings You the Most Happiness

We know how wonderful a ticket in can be. It has been said that the best way for humans to gain happiness is through experiences, not things. This means that you'll have more intrinsic happiness and that happiness will stay with you longer if you spend your money on experiences rather than items.

So a family vacation is better than a jet ski for example. And a pair of tickets to a concert will bring you more happiness than spending the same amount of money on a pair of shoes.

If your spouse loves a particular band or artist, buying tickets to see them live in concert can be one of the best gifts ever. Bringing your son or daughter to their first baseball game could become one of your kid's most treasured childhood memories.

Or asking out that gal or guy on a date by saying, "Hey, I have a pair of tickets to the hot musical playing in our town, wanna go with me?" could be that person's best date ever.

So we're in the experiences business and want to help you have the best experiences possible.

Why We Are Different

But there has been a stigma attached to the ticket industry. The primary ticket market (of which Ticketmaster is the head) and the secondary ticket market (that includes sites like us) have gotten a bad wrap over the years.

The animosity towards Ticketmaster and the extra fees they charge is real and understandable. People get frustrated having to pay fees for seemingly invisible services. Of course banks, utilities and credit cards also charge fees, but they aren't as hated as ticket fees for some reason.

We get this. We understand this. Heck, we've been frustrated at the exorbitant fees we've had to pay in the past for tickets too! (At the time, we didn't realize that the fees are what keeps the ticket company alive, they cover their operating costs, just like stores mark up their goods.)

Whatever the fees are used for, it's frustrating to the consumer. But what if the fees were spent on positive forces in the world too?

That's why we started GoodDeedSeats. To ease the 'ticket service fee' pain, we give you the chance to donate a portion of your ticket order's profit (the fees) to a charity of your choice. That way, everyone wins.

All ticket companies charge you a fee, there is no escaping that. However, with us you can earmark part of that fee to do some good in the world too.

Seriously. Why shop anywhere else?