GoodDeedSeats Customer Reviews

These folks were awesome.
"We got sweet seats for the Xscape, Monica and Tamar Braxton concert when we called the GoodDeedSeats customer service. Very polite, and helpful. We went through a bunch of seats and prices together on the phone and the rep was really nice. They seemed liked they actually wanted to genuinely help."

-Robert C. SiteJabber


Great Customer Service, Will Use Again
"I wasn't sure what to expect buying Cubs tickets from Good Deed Seats because I had never heard of them before. But I found great seats for Wrigley Field so I called their customer service and was pleasantly surpised by how nice and helpful they were. She answered all my questions and looked at the Wrigley Field seating chart with me. Their seating charts are cool because when you move your mouse over the prices, a little popup happens over the seats with an actual photo view taken from that..."

-BeunoSten Review Centre


I just had to share this story
"I called their customer service and their rep was super nice. She made a few suggestions on ideas, and I settled on getting two tickets to Thomas Rhett, one of his favorite country singers (and mine too!!) I think Brett Young is going to be there also. The coolest thing was that I was able to actually download the tickets and print them out right then..."

-Makenzie Able TrustPilot

Cool Idea, Good Experience
"I bought Detroit Pistons tickets from GoodDeedSeats and it worked out fine. We got etickets that we were able to download and print. I thought this site was cool because they give you the option to choose to earmark five bucks from the sale to go to a charity that you can choose from a list they have. I'm pretty sure the donation comes from the fees/profits of your sale. So I got good Pistons tickets and I donated five dollars to an animal welfare charity too. Pretty neat."

-Adiaz93 Reseller Ratings


Very Helpful and Lots of Choices
"I was shopping for Katy Perry tickets and found They had a lot of choices of seats and it was a bit overwhelming. So I called them up and the woman who I talked with was so nice and extremely helpful. She walked me through looking at the various seats and costs, and in the end I got tickets for seats I was very happy with. I really liked the whole experience."

-Cecelia Healy Review Centre


I Liked Them and It Was Easy to Order
"Very nice site and easy to use. I liked their seating charts, they let you see actual pictures from the views of the available seats. Got NBA tickets and they arrived the other day!"

-Rene O. SiteJabber