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Dave Matthews Band Live Concert Tickets

NOV 07
Tue, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Enmarket Arena, Savannah, GA

NOV 08
Wed, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, SC

NOV 10
Fri, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA

NOV 11
Sat, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA

NOV 13
Mon, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, CT

NOV 14
Tue, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, CT

NOV 17
Fri, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

NOV 18
Sat, 07:30 PM

Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

MAR 29
Fri, 08:00 PM

A Proud Monkey - Dave Matthews Band Tribute
Kirby Center for the Performing Arts, Wilkes Barre, PA


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When you’re in the audience at a Dave Matthews Band concert, you’re in for a sensory feast. The sights, the sounds, and of course, the smells.

Then, there’s the feel. It’s palatable. What you’re feeling is the excitement and thrill of seeing one of the greatest live bands of all time.

Dave Matthews Band hardly ever uses a warm-up act and they seldom ever play the same setlist twice. Dave Matthews and his band are excellent musicians who always leave their audiences wanting more.

Dave Matthews Band, or DMB, is comprised of Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Buddy Strong, Tim Reynolds, Rashawn Ross, and Jeff Coffin.

Former members include LeRoi Moore and Butch Taylor. Moore, a founded member, died in 2008.

The Dave Matthews Band was formed in 1991 in Charlottesville, Virginia. They released an independent album, Remember Two Things, in 1993.

Their first album on a label, Under the Table and Dreaming, dropped in September of 1994. Their bestselling album is Crash (1996).

Some of Dave Matthews Band’s most popular songs are “Crush,” “Tripping Billies,” “The Space Between,” “American Baby,” and “Funny The Way It is.”

There is incomparable magic that one experiences only when attending a Dave Matthews concert. The passionate energy of the crowd, the intricate nuances of the music, and the unifying feeling that each and every one of us is connected in experiencing the same beautiful moment - that's the heart of the DMB experience. Over the years, Dave and the guys have churned out an impressive array of masterpieces. If you've never been to a live show, you owe yourself this amazing opportunity.

Getting Ready for the Concert

Attending a Dave Matthews concert is a once in a lifetime experience. Preparing for the concert well in advance is strongly recommended to ensure that you are well-rested and able to take full advantage of the magical experience.

First, coordinating your outfit is essential. The majority of fans prefer to don minimalistic clothing with simplistic colors so as not to draw attention away from the stage. However, other fans take the approach of dressing up extravagantly to make an impression on their favorite artist. Regardless of which route is taken, be comfortable and have fun expressing yourself!

Second, considering how to get to and from the concert is also wise. Fans may contemplate taking public transportation, grabbing a ride-sharing service, or relying on help from friends and family. Each option has its own unique advantages: Public transportation allows for cost-efficiency; ride-sharing services provide convenience; getting driven by someone offers comfortability. Weigh your options and make the best selection depending on budget and group size.

Finally, planning out your schedule leading up to the show is essential for avoiding last minute stress or fatigue during the performance. Be aware of your daily responsibilities and plan accordingly. This can include eating healthy snacks before heading out, setting aside time for restorative rest, or any other personal rites that will keep you feeling refreshed when entering the venue.

No matter how you choose to get ready for this exhilarating event, it will undoubtedly be a night to remember!

Pre-Concert Excitement

Pre-Concert Excitement is a feeling that has reverberated throughout the ages, ever since people first gathered to take in a live performance. An attendee can never quite anticipate how a show is going to feel or what kind of experience they are going to have until they are in the venue experiencing it themselves.

Dave Matthews concerts are no exception and during the hours leading up to showtime, anticipation and excitement grows as fans begin singing along to favorite tracks, hyping each other up, purchasing merchandise and gathering around outside the venue.

There is almost a communal understanding that something special awaits them inside and everyone is preparing for that special moment when it begins. This spreading of collective anticipation amongst fans waiting in line creates an infectious feeling that carries through and ends up manifesting itself in cascades of cheering and clapping once the band emerges on stage.

Fans don’t need much convincing to get pumped before a Dave Matthews Band show because let's face it; it's hard not to get excited about seeing one of the most influential bands in history perform their greatest hits – live!

On the other hand, some patrons prefer a more subdued pre-show. A quiet walk through the venue or time spent alone may better suit those who want to avoid long lines or the hustle and bustle of others all getting ready at once. Some select few even believe that hype places an unfair expectation upon the quality of performance when coupled with any musician but this is oftentimes just a personal preference between different crowds.

No matter where you stand on pre-concert excitement, one thing is certain: a DMB concert excites fans beyond typical means and always delivers something special; this is why fans return year after year. Now imagine being part of that experience and watching as The Dave Matthews Band takes the stage.

While some prefer to remain subdued before the show, others believe that hype can create unfair expectations. Despite individual preferences, one thing remains true- Dave Matthews Band concerts always deliver a unique and special experience which is why people come back year after year.

The Dave Matthews Band On Stage

The Dave Matthews Band on stage embodies their energy and enthusiasm in their live performances, making them a fan-favorite concert. Since they have been around since 1991, they bring an incredible insight into their music that often times cannot be seen on their studio releases. The raw energy of being at a Dave Matthews Band concert is astounding, with the band’s interaction and effort to make sure every fan has an unforgettable experience.

However, some may argue that the Dave Matthews Band’s live performance lacks energy. With a lack of new original material since before their hiatus in 2011 and some older songs becoming more formulaic over time, some may feel like there isn’t much “magic” left in the performances. This can be attributed to the large quantity of covers and reworked versions of old songs that are included in their setlists.

Still, there are many who consider being at a Dave Matthews Band concert a once-in-a-lifetime experience due to their high level of musicianship and enthusiasm for the music.

The Setlist & Singing Along

Dave Matthews fans have the privilege of watching their favorite singer and his band take the stage and play hit after hit from all different eras of his career. There’s no better feeling than joining in a chorus of thousands singing along to “Ants Marching,” “Satellite,” and all other fan favorites. Each concert has its own unique setlist that often departs from one performance to the next with some shows boasting special guests or deep cuts typically reserved for only the most dedicated fans.

The magic of a Dave Matthews show is that while the setlist remains ever-changing, Dave Matthews Band still finds ways to surprise both hardcore 2000s fans and newcomers alike. Even if this is your first Dave Matthews experience, you won't be left wanting and can count on hearing hits like “Two Step” and “Crash into Me." As with any performance, however, there’s an argument for letting a live show be about experiencing what’s on stage rather than trying to scream the lyrics at maximum volume. Regardless of which viewpoint you ascribe to it is up to individual preference; at the end of the day an audience member experiences a concert through their own lens

. The atmosphere and energy at a live Dave Mathews concert are truly unique experiences that will leave even the most seasoned concertgoer speechless.

The Atmosphere & Energy of the Concert

A Dave Matthews concert is legendary for its unique atmosphere and energy. From the moment the first note is played, the electricity in the room is palpable. Every fan present channels their collective emotions into a wave of exhilaration that washes over the crowd like a powerful surge. The sense of joy and camaraderie in the audience is always infectious, and it's no wonder why so many fans choose to come back again and again to live out this special experience.

On the other hand, some may argue that a Dave Matthews concert atmosphere isn't necessarily magical or special; they say it just depends on what you’re looking for. To these people, an individual show may seem lacking compared to others, with the intensity varying depending on location and availability of tickets. Others can find it more difficult to relate to the overall community spirit present at concerts, seeing as a large portion of attendees are returning fans that have been following Dave Matthews since his early days.

No matter one's opinion on whether or not a Dave Matthews concert is really magical or not, attending one is sure to be an unforgettable experience from start to finish. That said, let us now dive further into what makes going to see Dave live such a unique and lasting memory for many fans.

A Memorable Dave Matthews Concert Experience

A memorable Dave Matthews Band concert experience is like no other. An energy and passion for the music hovering in the air, the sound of thousands of voices singing along to his lyrics, and the overall communal atmosphere of Matthews’ devout audience–– it’s an event that cannot easily be replicated or replaced. Fans often claim that going to a live show provides them with a memorable night they can cherish as they walk away.

But, most lovers of Dave Matthews agree that there's nothing quite like being in attendance at a live event. It creates a magical connection between performers and audience members, contributing to an unforgettable night of joyous celebration.

When it comes to a Dave Matthews concert experience, there's really one way to find out – embracing the spectacular atmosphere yourself. With enough energy to last for days, attendees can't help but feel a part of something special when attending a show.

Being a Part of the Crowd

At a Dave Matthews Band concert, being a part of the crowd is truly an unforgettable experience. Attendees are often some of the most passionate fans of all genres, many having followed their favorite band for years upon years.

During each show, the unity among fans can be felt in full effect as strangers, and old friends alike, come together to enjoy the music. In addition to the uplifting spirit among concert goers, feeling the energy emanating from the stage helps create an atmosphere few other activities can provide—all helping to fuel a surreal and unique experience.

Many would argue that with large-scale concerts come drawbacks such as inconvenience and rowdiness of attendees. While occasional disruption is indeed a possibility, the vast majority of people found at a Dave Matthews Band concerts are there to celebrate their love of music in peace. Thus, while it may appear intimidating to attend a large event like this due to crowds or sound volume, those attending will no doubt find the overwhelming joy of being surrounded by like-minded fans far outweighs these issues.

The electricity produced by both band and audience alike at one of DMB's live shows makes for an unforgettable flurry of excitement as everyone sings and dances along together—it's an electrifying sight that leaves concertgoers yearning for more and hungry for future opportunities to share similar experiences with others. Truly, being a part of those magic moments takes each fan back in time to reconnect with music on a deeper level—one that carries memories along long after the show has ended.

An Unforgettable Dave Matthews Band Performance

An unforgettable experience for anyone is a Dave Matthews Band live performance, and since their inception in the early 1990s, fans have come from all over to experience their unique brand of improvised rock and roll.

Amongst diehard fans, there is something about a DMB show that sets it apart from other live music events. From the setlists to the encores, every concert is designed to offer something different - and certainly, something unforgettable. The band’s improvisational approach allows each show to become a living entity in its own right. Every song is given new life by the band, as they tantalize both veterans and newcomers alike with not only their signature sound but unexpected twists as well.

Some argue that listening to DMB records might be just as enjoyable as experiencing them live, but most would disagree. There’s just no comparison when you’re in front of the stage surrounded by tens of thousands of other fans singing every word – it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. For several moments during the performance, everyone manages to forget the worries of everyday life and be totally and utterly present; in those moments, it feels like you are in communion with not only the band but those around you who feel just as passionately.

By attempting to put forth romanticism, nostalgia and finally loss into one epic setlist-DMB seem to continue to redefine what ‘wonderful’ really means time after time. Ultimately, this makes for an unforgettable experience; not only does it leave attendees feeling wistful, but inspired too–to engage in more imagination-filled pursuits today and those in the future.

Responses to Common Questions

What types of songs does Dave Matthews usually play at his concerts?

Dave Matthews is known for his unique blend of rock, blues, jazz and folk music. His live concerts typically include songs from across his entire career, including both solo material and fan favorites from his iconic band, the Dave Matthews Band. Common concert set-lists include hit singles like “What Would You Say”, “Let You Down”, “Crush”, and “The Space Between”, as well as lesser known tracks like “Help Myself” and “Cry Freedom”. He also often includes classic covers such as Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" and Leon Russell's "A Song For You". No two shows are ever alike, which is part of what makes a Dave Matthews concert so magical!

What do I need to know before attending a Dave Matthews concert?

Before attending a Dave Matthews concert, you should be aware of the following: • Know what type of concert it is. Dave Matthews performs all types of concerts, from stadium gigs to smaller shows, so knowing the type in advance will help you plan out your experience. • Get familiar with his music. Listening to some of Dave Matthews' songs beforehand can prepare you for what to expect and make the show even more enjoyable. • Bring comfy shoes. Most Dave Matthews concerts involve lots of dancing, so you don’t want to wear shoes that won’t be comfortable over a long period of time. • Bring cash. Dave Matthews often has merchandise available at his shows, from t-shirts to albums, so having some extra money on hand will come in handy if you find something you like. • Get there early. Many fans line up for hours before the show starts in order to get prime spots near the stage, so plan accordingly. • Have fun! Above all else, Dave Matthews concerts are intended to be enjoyed and experienced – allowing yourself to relax and have a good time is a must!

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