The 8 Best Bass Chorus Pedals


Want to know what the best bass chorus pedals on the market are in 2023? We've compiled a list below of the ones you ought to check out if you're shopping for one. From compression pedals, distortion, EQ pedals to fuzz, delay or overdrive pedals, one of the absolute best bass pedal effects is the chorus.

How Bass Chorus Pedals Work

Chorus pedals, including bass chorus pedals, are designed to provide depth to your sound by creating the effect of multiple instruments playing the same part. This is accomplished by splitting the signal into multiple representations of the sound.

The timbre and pitch are then adjusted, and a slight delay is added to each new sound to give the effect of multiple instruments playing at once.

Chorus pedals grace the pedalboards of many guitar players. They aren’t just for guitarists though. Bassists can take advantage of pedals made specifically for them, including chorus pedals.

And having a chorus effect for your bass as one option among many is a good idea and one way to make your sound stand out. From walking bass lines to solos or from driving quarter notes to funky slap bass lines, a chorus pedal can sometimes be the perfect effect.

Choosing the right chorus pedal can be a bit of a challenge however. What follows will assist you with the choice by highlighting 8 of the top 2023 bass chorus pedals in the world today.

TC Corona Bass Chorus Pedal

If you need big sound in a small package, the TC Corona may be the chorus pedal for you. It’s a tiny mini-pedal.

The small size means there are fewer control knobs for adjusting your effect level. This pedal has three knobs. The chorus is adjusted with the speed and depth knobs. The FX level knob helps you adjust the tone of your bass and the mix of your effects.

The Corona is TonePrint compatible. That means you can use TonePrint software to load custom sounds on your pedal.

Load custom sounds to the pedal with the free TonePrint software
Use FX level knob to set the mix of your effects
Mini pedal with full-size capability


Lacks built-in tone control knob


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Source Audio Gemini Bass Chorus

The Source Audio Gemini pedal offers three chorus modes to help you dial in the sound you want. There is Classic mode which is a single voice mode, Dual chorus, and Quad chorus mode. The Mix and Tone controls help you get the sound just right once you’ve decided on a mode.

With this pedal, you have access to the Neuro Desktop Editor which allows you to download effects to your pedal from Source Audio’s free library of effects. The Neuro App adds the ability to adjust such things as tremolo and output levels.

MIDI compatible via the Neuro Hub
Access to downloadable effects
Three voice modes


Digital technology might not give an “old school” sound


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EHX Bass Clone Pedal

Some pedals are designed with the stage in mind. Others are designed more for studio use. The EHX Bass Clone is designed to be used in both locations. And with a price under $100, this is a great choice for both sound quality and solid chorus effects.

The simple design of the Electro-Harmonix features four control knobs and a toggle crossover effect feature. The depth and rate knobs adjust the chorus of the pedal. Intensity is controlled by the depth knob. The speed is controlled by the rate knob.

Equalization is controlled by the treble and bass knobs. As you might expect, bass controls the low end of the sound while treble handles the higher frequencies.

Simple design that is good for stage or studio
Four knobs to control the effect
Crossover toggle to help control modulation


Can have a bleed-over hiss when treble is set at maximum levels


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Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal

Boss is well-known for producing quality pedals. You can expect this pedal to live up to the Boss name.

Four knobs control the pedal. The E-level knob controls the level of overall effects. Low Filter is for controlling the crossover thresholds. The overall chorus sound is controlled with Rate and Depth knobs.

The low filter control allows you to decide what frequency you want to use for recording. This control provides you with versatility with the range of effects from barely affecting overtones to choruses that enhance your solos.

The stereo output gives you a broader sound. This pedal works well regardless of whether you choose to finger-pick, slap, or use a pick on your bass.

Simple four-button controls
Low filter control for range versatility
Boss quality


The sound can seem too unnatural


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MXR M-134 Stereo Bass Chorus

The MXR M-134 pedal (Big Yellow) was not created specifically for use with a bass. It is actually primarily a pedal for guitar. However, it’s well suited for use with bass.

The bass filter function on this pedal is basically the same as a crossover mode on other pedals. Use a push button to enable the feature. Then the intensity, rate, and width knobs can be used to tweak the modulation on the higher frequency sounds.

A bonus to the MXR M-134 is that it is a true stereo pedal. It has two outputs, so it can be connected to two amps.

True stereo construction
Bass filter acts as crossover mode
Intensity, rate, and width knobs adjust modulation of higher frequencies


Not created specifically for bass


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Dunlop MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe

The MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe is more like a 2-in-1 pedal. It has a flanger mode as well as chorus mode. Flanger and chorus modes are similar with the main difference being the length of delay times after the initial signal is split.

An additional X-Over mode changes modulation levels for low-frequency tones. You simply push a button to access X-Over mode. When this mode is active, you get a smooth, even bass tone.

To control the overall tone provided when using this pedal there are treble and bass knobs. To adjust your chorus and flanger effects you can use the intensity, width, and rate control knobs.

Runs on either a 9-volt battery or an available AC adapter
Simple to use knob controls
True bypass


X-Over effect may take away more effect than is desired


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Hartke HC33 Analog Bass Chorus

If you aren’t a fan of digital pedals, then the Hartke HC33 Analog Bass Chorus is likely the best pedal for you. It features fully analog circuitry in a stompbox style pedal.

This pedal features three knobs to help you control your effects. The depth knob controls the sweep of the modulation. The speed knob is what you use to control the chorus effect rate. The third knob is blend and helps you control the mix of your chorus effect.

True bypass pedal
Stompbox style analog pedal
Speed, depth, and blend knobs help control your chorus sound


Chorus might not be as voiced as that of competitors



Mooer Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus

Your pedalboard has limited prime real estate. That real estate can fill up pretty quickly, and that can leave you with the dilemma of how to add a chorus pedal to your mix. That’s where the Mooer Ensemble Queen has you covered. This pedal gives you full-size effects in a miniature design.

This mini pedal features the same rate and depth controls as its larger counterparts. You can blend your wet and dry signal using the level control. It also features a tone control function.

This is a true bypass pedal. True bypass means that you don’t get that noise bleed-over from the electronics of the pedal itself.

True bypass helps eliminate noise bleed-over
Miniature pedal with full-size features
Depth, rate, tone, and level controls


No battery operation and the DC adapter is sold separately


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The Best Bass Chorus Conclusion

So much of music is subjective. And that includes which guitar effects pedals sound best too. A chorus is a fundamental effect that rounds out your sound arsenal.

Tone, modulation, EQ, compression and a host of other sound qualities combined with unique playing and some effects like a chorus offer bass players an infinite combination of sounds to create. It may come down to your taste, but you won't go wrong choosing any of the bass chorus pedals listed above.



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