What to Wear to a Country Concert for Guys

Maybe it’s the rugged, rough-and-tumble look, or maybe it’s the fact that such an outfit breathes pure masculinity into a man. Whatever it is, a guy dressing up country to go to a country music concert can be the hottest looking person anywhere. For those that have never been to a country concert and are going with their ladies for the first time, there are some closet staples you must have to dress appropriately for this sort of event.

1. The Cowboy Hat

It doesn’t need to be a “ten gallon hat,” but it should be a cowboy hat. You can choose felt or canvas, although canvas lets your head and scalp breathe a little easier. The style and color of the hat should compliment your head and face shape while coordinating well with what you wear on your body. The Stetson brand of cowboy hats delivers with many color options and styles.

2. Blue Jeans, Baby!

“Dungarees” are much older than most people realize, and it wasn’t American cowboys in the Old West that wore them first. Clothing made from a heavy denim blue cloth was first worn in India in the 17th century, but don’t let that stop you from donning comfortable, worn and faded blue jeans. Straight leg or boot cut are the most popular styles of blue jeans to wear as part of your country outfit.

3. Denim Shirt Too? Why Not?

A lightweight denim shirt tucked into slightly tighter blue jeans is very sexy. A lot of guys can pull off this look and make it their own. Got some gorgeous arm muscles? Roll up the lower sleeves into cuffs. Really have some “big guns” to show off? Wear a sleeveless button-down denim shirt!

4. Cooler Weather Concert Calls for a Flannel Shirt

Cowboys in Colorado wear flannel shirts half the year. They stay warm in these soft printed fabrics while still looking quite country. You can either wear the flannel shirt by itself (preferably red, blue, or black/gray plaid) buttoned up, or wear it open and loose over a t-shirt.

5. Big Belt Buckles

Nothing says country quite like an enormous belt buckle. Cowboys in Texas wear the biggest, fanciest buckles their belts can handle, and they wear them with shirts tucked in so everyone can see the fancy buckles. Yours doesn’t have to be really big or really loud, so long as it draws some attention to your lower half.

6. The Vest

Not many guys wear a vest these days, unless they are attending a wedding. However, it’s a very cowboy sort of thing to wear a vest, an almost “Desperado” kind of thing that makes the ladies take notice. Denim, tweed, leather or pinstripe makes no difference so long as the vest works with the rest of your outfit. A pinstripe one or a leather one is especially fancy, so if you want to really dress up cowboy style, that’s the way to go.

7. The Overcoat or Trench

Cowboys frequently dress in layers to protect themselves against the elements. When it rains or snows, cowboys wear an overcoat or long, outlaw-like trench coat. It should either be made of leather or wool for authenticity, but if it’s too warm for that, go for denim or rainslicker material. Broad lapels and a wide collar make the trench stand out.

8. Denim Jacket

Maybe you thought denim jackets went out of style in the ’80’s? No, they never did, at least not in the lands where cowboys roam. The nice thing about a denim jacket is its versatility. It can be lightweight enough for slightly cooler weather to really heavy and lined with sherpa or shearling wool for really cold weather. Chances are, you are going to a concert in warmer weather, so opt for a lighter jacket if it goes with your outfit.

9. The Cowboy Boots

Oh, heavens, darlin’! You can’t go to a country concert without the boots! Even if you got all the rest of the outfit wrong and got the hat and the boots right, country fans might forgive you for at least trying to look country. The boots should be comfortable enough to fit your feet and your calves without squeezing or wedging your toes, heels and legs into them.

Without a doubt, the boots should be leather and they should complement or match everything else you are wearing. Modern country looks do allow for ankle-high work boots, but if you don’t have either, opt for cowboy boots or fancier leather loafers.

10. Western Jewelry for Men

If you don’t mind donning some masculine jewelry to complete the outfit, we suggest leather bracelets and a bolo tie with silver accents. They look great regardless of what colors and fabrics you are wearing. A Southwestern variation involves the wearing of turquoise, which often presents itself in the form of a bolo slide, rings or necklace charm on a leather cord around your neck.

A classic watch with a leather band is a nice touch too. Most people don’t have such classic timepieces anymore, but if you have one, wear it. It ties the whole vintage cowboy look together very nicely, if that’s the look you’re going for.

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