Check Out Our List of The 50 Best Country Music Places in the U.S.


We’ve compiled a list of the some of the best places to experience country music in the U.S. and tried to spread it out across America so lots of places were represented. So check it out and see if your favorite country music place is listed!

And there are very good music venues that didn’t make our list, venues that are quite similar to the places you’ll soon learn about.

In narrowing out list to the 50 best country music venues in America, we took inspiration from another aspect of the genre and that’s its focus on home and family.  Other types of popular music aren’t anywhere near as family-oriented as country music.

Therefore, the 50 country music venues that made our list are all places where you can go and feel at home.  The following establishments are not only prominent members of their own community but they make everyone who steps through their doors feel welcomed too.

Here are just a few that made our exclusive list: Adair’s Saloon in Dallas, Boyd’s Jig and Reel in Knoxville, the Double Deuce in San Diego, the High Noon Saloon in Madison, and The Horse You Came in on Saloon in Baltimore are just a few!

See the full list here